Dummies complete guide to squats


You might agree with me that: Squats and any exercise of force impact your body is a reality that many still do not understand. 

Even today, many think that weight lifting is something that can, in addition to giving volume to your body, decrease your weight and improve your health and balance, among other benefits.

One of the typical strength exercises that cause the most effects are squats, on which there are endless questions that we will try to answer.

Do they make the legs bigger or smaller?

It depends on the starting point you are in. If you have plenty of body mass and you want to reduce it and get your butt and thighs smaller and more toned, you can do it thanks to squats, as they are an excellent way to reduce body fat.

Over time, your buttocks and thighs will be much more toned, lifted and firmer.

On the other hand, if you are thin or thin and have low body fat, you can get perfect glutes with a squat training directed at the bottom of your body.

What muscles work with squats?

Above all, squatting is the work of the buttocks and thighs (hamstrings and quadriceps),

although it is also true that the abdominals, obliques, lower back and the ankles.

It will only depend, to be considered a total body exercise, the weight that is supported and the variation of squats that you do.

How often should I do squats?

When you squat for the first time, sure that you get stiffness. If it hurts to try again I wait until your buttocks and your thighs are no longer sore to start again.

How many sets should I do?

It is better to think about quality rather than quantity. It is best that you do squat weights. For example, 10 sets of 8-10 squats are a perfect figure to start without sacrifices.

Do your body shorten the setadillas?

Although the spine compresses during the day and when doing squats can slightly increase this, the truth is that everything will return to normal when the spine decompresses during the night, while sleeping.

Are the abs working with squats?

Totally true. With the squats you work the lower back, the obliques and the abdominals.

If you want to get more benefits in your abs while doing squats, it is best to keep your abs tight and tight as much as possible.

Do squats help to lose weight?

Without a doubt, squats offer you great benefits if you are looking to lose weight. In strength training, squats are one of the most traditional exercises also most effective for any weight loss routine.

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Do squatting fat burn?

Yes, especially if they are weighted squats because they use multiple muscles and, besides forming them, they serve to burn calories efficiently.

Do they burn fat in the thighs and abdomen?

Although you can not accurately check, the truth is that squats are a perfect exercise to burn body fat and gain muscle mass. Therefore, you can safely say that you lose fat from the abdomen and your thighs.

Do twins work with squats?

Although they do not concentrate on these muscles, the truth is that they are a support muscle during exercise.

Are squats considered cardio exercise?

Technically, they could be considered as a cardio exercise and even, when lifting weight, could also be considered an exercise of this type.

Will my knees be affected negatively with squats?

If you do them properly, your knees do not have to be resentful at all. Even squats can help you build lean muscle mass around that joint.

Do they affect the back?

Not at all. Above all, if you do them intelligently, they can even help you decrease back pain. Of course, you should always check with your doctor first.

Do you have to do them intensely to be effective?

What you would have to do would be to focus on the way you perform the squat and sure to see how your strength, coordination and balance will allow you to go, each time, down.

Do squats help to eliminate cellulite?

The answer is a clear yes. Above all, if you carry them outsmart and you eat a healthy diet.

When can you see the results of squats in my body?

The benefits of squats are not usually seen in a short time but, you can notice small differences around 2 or 3 weeks.

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