Doula Training – An Escalating Trend

doula training

What do you mean by the term “Doula”?

The trend of doula training is immensely expanding in the world giving priority to the well-being of new born babies. The women passing through the challenging phase of pregnancy usually remain in great need of mental as well as physical care. According to a recent study, 40% of the women giving birth to their babies in America are single, which eventually raised the demand of “Doula”. Now here the question arises, what do we mean by Doula and what’s their candid job? Doulas are the competent professionals operating all around the globe for the fulfillment of women’s multifaceted needs throughout the childbearing period. The skilled mavens provide comfort, motivation, esteem and incessant support to the “to be mother” being. They offer individual attention as per the situations and preferences during and after the child birth procedure.

How to become a Doula?

how to become a doula
Doula Training Sessions

If you are genuinely wishing to be a doula, then pull up your socks and start your amazing voyage with the selection of DONA International approved Doula Training institute. The exceptional workshops not only provide you the training but also offer doula certifications essential to meet the superlative professional caliber. Workshops make you familiar with the advantages of becoming a doula, the importance of backing up the families, the distinct birth conditions and their possible reasons or history. They greatly believe in the practical presentations other than just instructions. Ladies wishing to be doulas could now become effortlessly trained utilizing the remarkable demonstrations of online platforms. Doula certification is not certainly necessary for being an efficacious doula, but it ultimately enhances the worth of working lady.

Strengths of Doulas Career

Enthusiasm, craving of assistance and zeal of doing something unique are the factors which could efficiently push you towards the career of doula. Doula is not really a highest paying position but experience, location and the number of satisfied clients eventually take doulas in an outstandingly rewarding state. The annual doula salary package usually ranges between $15000 – $30000. Salary increments heavily depend upon the practice, excellence of amenities and resources offered to the worthy clients. Facilities like cinematography, placenta encapsulation or belly casting can augment your value while functioning as a doula.

Distinction between Doulas and Midwives

midwife training
Widwife Training

The two expressions are mostly employed as the synonyms but exist somewhat different from each other. Doulas are proficient in the provision of emotional, mental and physical support to the mother during gestation, labor and childbirth. They perfectly understand the women’s condition and assist her breathing in the course of contractions. She takes care of her meals, propose comradeship and educate her regarding the newborn care chores.

While midwives after getting appropriate midwife training, provide medical support, perform routine tests during intrapartum phase, assist women in her decisions of delivering infant and makes her acquainted with the probability of complications. They are relatively expensive and charge a bit higher salary bundles.

Therefore, hire a trained doula if you really wish to deliver a healthy baby with least hitches.



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