DIY Tips to Keep your Car Brand New and Shining


A car is more than just a medium of commutation. It is a manifestation of one’s persona. Hence, shabby condition of the vehicle is simply unacceptable. Also, you have spent your hard earned money on buying your four-wheeled companion. It faces traffic and goes through tough and testing conditions of Indian road.

Most people prefer sending their vehicles to a local car wash centers. These are known for doing a neat job for money. However, what most people don’t know about is that one can take good care of the cars right without sending them to these centers. At-home care will also save you a lot of money. The process simply demands some time and passion to ensure desired results.

Listed below are top tips to keep your car shining like new:

An Exhaustive Wash

This is one of the most important of all tasks. You would require the following materials handy before starting off:

– Water
– Car shampoo from a reputed brand
– A Bucket
– A mug

Some of the optional materials include microfiber towel, hosepipe, microfiber mop, and a nozzle for hosepipe. Start by spraying or pouring plain water all over the car. This will loosen dust and remove grime. Most cars running on northern Indian roads adorn a dull look due dry dust. So washing with plain water is half the battle won.

The next step is to add car shampoo to the water. Make sure you apply it evenly all over the car. It will remove tougher grimes without any harm to the car’s clear paint coat. Now it is time to rinse and wipe the car dry using microfiber towel. This process of washing car takes 10 minutes. Owners can follow the procedure during weekends.

Claybar Treatment

Claybars are a hot favourite among auto enthusiasts. These bars protect and add shine to the car’s external paint surface. The treatment has also been recommended by online auto news in Hindi for its efficiency. Make sure you get hold of an automotive-grade clay bar. This needs to be taken out of the package and flattened under your palms. Now it is time to spray detailer liquid (available in the bar as one package) to the desired moist area. Rub the claybar in straight lines. Focus on one section at a time. Rub one section with a claybar for about 12-15 times. Now wipe clean with a clean microfiber towel. Carry on with the task for other sections too. You can undertake this task every six months. The results are amazing.

The Spray Wax Treatment

You can buy these wax systems for car in spray or clay form. Sprays are the best option if you wish to save time and effort. Start with spraying the wax on one portion of the car. Then buff it using a microfiber towel.

Cleaning Tyres

Do not neglect the tyres when cleaning car. Tyres bear the harsh treatment given by bumpy, dirty, and uneven Indian roads. A car is not if the tyres are filthy. This is similar to getting ready for a party in an expensive suit and pairing it with muddy shoes. Start with spraying or pouring water on tyres. Try to dislodge debris and grime with the help of a big brush. Now spray tyre polish. This is easily available at most auto shops offline and online. You may also use a sponge to apply polish. Read instructions available in the spray bottles.

Cleaning Interiors

After following the steps mentioned above, it is time to pay attention to interiors of the car. Upholstery on most cars shows signs of dullness and damage due to sun exposure. Here, you can use a dashboard polisher and sponge your car’s interiors clean. In only 5 minutes, you can clean up the dash and areas under the four side windows. To clean up any debris or leftover food, you need to vacuum car interiors.

Wrapping Up

It will take only 30-45 minutes to give your car a new life and recapture its shine. The best part is that the process can be undertaken only at a fraction of the cost, you may pay at the car wash center. Strictly avoid cleaning under direct sun. Conserving water is also important.


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