Dangerous Myths That Keep You Stuck and you cannot Be Successful


When we try very hard to achieve something we put our 100% efforts to achieve it. We get almost convinced that our efforts are going to bring in the desired results and success must be anywhere around! However when the dreams meet reality, the situation is always different!

There is a very less percentage of population that gets to climb up the stairs of success amongst the billions of people trying for it every day. But why is it so? Why does not every effort lead to success? Have you also experienced something similar in your life? Are you blaming yourself for the misfortune or bad luck or not having to put in enough efforts?

If you are facing disappointment in any field of life and looking forward to achieve success in life then one thing that you should definitely do is to beat the myths that hold you back.

Yes, we do not realize but there are a lot of myths that play pivotal role in deciding our success or failure. We will discuss some such dangerous myths in your life that you can easily give up to climb those stairs of success.

  1. Money defines success:

Definitely not! What –do you think it does? Let us give you an example- if you are given a lot of money that you do not have to work any harder for it- will you become happy? No respect, no work, no passion, but all money- is it going to make you feel successful really? This is not success. So if you are earning less but are contended with your life- you are successful already.

  1. Past and future link:

Our past always binds us- that is true. But binding in memories and holding us back from moving forward are two different things. We often believe that due to our given past or the past of our parents or grandparents we have to stay stuck up with our destinies. We often do not get the courage to change our path of success or choose to follow our passion just because our past doesn’t allow us to do so. We need to know that every fish is meant to swim and the birds are meant to fly only.  Likewise every human being is bestowed with some separate skills and talent and we should work in that direction to polish our skills.

  1. The highest regard to self:

When you work with an organization you have to give due credits and regards to your complete team. If you are expecting that being the team leader or organization head you must be given utmost importance- you own a myth! The highest regard should be given to every individual who contributes significantly to achieve success collaterally for the whole team.

If you want to get rid of similar myths that are restraining you to achieve success– then you can seek some professional guidance at Mind Valley Academy.


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