Current Need and Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Patients with Orthopedic Conditions in India


Stem cells are also named as “smart cells” as they have the capacity to multiply, repair the injured area and renew themselves indefinitely into specialized cells. They are abundantly present in the cord blood of infants and children and these cells gradually decrease in quantity with age thus; as aging occurs body is not able to produce an adequate number of stem cells to repair any injury.

As Stem cells are able to cure many diseases, a lot of investigation and research is going on in our country on Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cell therapy involves injecting the injured area with concentrated cells harvested in the laboratory in order to stimulate body’s natural capacity to heal and repair.

Stem cells have multiple usages in orthopedics. One of its major uses is in the area of bone regeneration, especially where bone loss, bone union, or fusion is required. Some of the important areas are:

  • Arthritis
  • Cartilage regeneration
  • Tennis elbow
  • Head and shoulder pain
  • Avascular necrosis (AVN)
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Non-union bone gaps
  • Fracture healing in case of extensive damage that cannot be healed via the normal biological process.
  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Intervertebral disk regeneration
  • Injuries of ligaments or tendons

There are two stem cell injections available currently:

  • PRP – Platelet rich plasma
  • BMAC – Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Stem cells found in bone marrow are the best at promoting musculoskeletal healing. For the patients going through surgery or joint replacement, this non-surgical stem cell injections offer a viable alternative. This therapy benefits patients by cutting short the painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods and provide them with faster recovery, mobility and range of movements. Patients also get protection against infection and blood clots caused due to surgeries.

During the process of Stem cell therapy for Orthopedics, the stem cells are withdrawn from the bone marrow and are concentrated in the labs. Finally they are re-injected precisely into injured tissues with the help of imaging techniques like Fluoroscopy and MSK Ultrasound. After this natural repair process of degenerated and injured tendons, ligaments, and arthritic joints initiates.

Why to opt for Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions

  • The whole human body can be treated with this therapy and that is why many diseases can be cured.
  • It is a cost effective method compared to conventional treatment in many conditions.
  • This therapy provides with healthier and longer life span of the patients.

In most of the Orthopaedic conditions Anti-Inflammatory drugs or steroidal medicines are commonly prescribed which in longer run can lead to other health related complications, hence Stem Cell treatment is the best alternative for patients that need help from alleviated pain and inflammation in joints.

A lot of published data and ongoing clinical trials have verified the safety and efficacy of the stem cell therapy in orthopedics.

Why choose India for Stem Cell Treatment?

India has been recognized as the new medical destination for Stem Cell therapies because of the cost effectiveness and extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities such as MRI and CT scans. India provides services of the most leading doctors and Stem Cell Therapy professionals at reasonable cost budget in the following cities







Delhi- NCR Pune Goa
Bangalore Nagpur Jaipur
Chennai Gurgaon Chandigarh


It has been widely reported that patients who have undergone stem cell therapy for orthopaedic conditions in India got satisfying results and now they can be assured with hassle free, painless life ahead. It is believed by most scientists that stem cell research has great life-saving potential and will change the course of the treatment for many injuries and diseases.


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