Commercial Stoves – Demand of Modern Cooking Syle

commercial stoves

Starting a fire for cooking had been replaced centuries ago since the first oven in 1490 and for good reason too. Commercial stoves have helped simplify and made cooking in home kitchens easier to accomplish. They help control cooking temperature, can even heat up with the turn of a dial, self-clean and more.

Commercial stoves have evolved with modern times and now provide a variant of functions for multiple uses. Since cooking tasks differ in a broad range, different stoves have been made to accommodate the culinary demands. Take a look at some of the different types of commercial stoves.

4 Types of Commercial Stoves

Commercial stoves are available in the market to meet different needs. They can be used in homes, restaurants, food establishments and other places cooking up grub.

  1. Gas stoves

Gas stoves permit cooks to perform multiple cooking tasks without having to use a different unit. These tasks can include boiling water in big pots, steaming vegetables, and simmering sauces. This makes gas stoves perfect for dining halls, cafeterias, catering services and for meeting hotel and restaurant supply and demands.

  1. Electric stoves

cooking storeElectric stoves can perform the same functions and tasks as these stoves but do not require having to hook up the unit to a gas line, eliminating possibilities of gas leaks. Some people may feel safer cooking without having to worry about gas leaking. Electric stoves can be broken into standard and convection ovens. Standard ovens are great for casseroles, meats, and roasts. Convection ovens are terrific for freshly baking goodies like pastries and bread.

  1. Countertop stoves

Countertop stoves are compact for small kitchens and can easily be found at a cooking store. They can be used on a countertop which is extremely convenient for cooks in food trucks, concession stands, or in apartments. They can range in multiple types like electric, heavy-duty gas, induction and gas.

  1. Additional ovens

There are other types of additional conventional ovens the can serve as terrific chef supplies for different cooking purposes.

  • hotel and restaurant supplyCatering and buffet-style: Portable conventional ovens are handy helpers for buffet and catering events. These kinds of ovens can be gas, drop-in, and electric. Their sizes make them easily transportable and you can even prepare foods like sauces, pasta, and vegetables in front of your guests too.
  • Larger cooking: Larger cooking ranges include wok, Mongolian BBQ, induction wok and stock pot. Conveniently, they can be stored under counters and handle high-volume work at Asian canteen, restaurants, barbecue places and other facilities of the sort.

Choosing the Right Conventional Oven for You!

Out of all of the varieties available, choosing a commercial stove can be slightly complex. However, determining the size and the functions the appliance needs to have can help narrow the list of possible candidates. Possible characteristics to consider before making a purchase include size, storage, power source, cooking size capabilities, functionality and more.

Once you identify what you need in a conventional oven, you should research local cooking stores you can browse. A simple “kitchen supplies near me” Google search can do the trick! With time and consideration, you can purchase the conventional oven that is perfect for you.


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