Chef Coats: A Perfect Need of an Expert Chef

chef coats

A chef coat is a cook’s backbone. Uniforms of kitchen cooks can vary in types, owners, and the process for selection. Find out why!

Different Types of Chef Coats

4-Way aprons

chef apronsThese aprons are worn around the waist and are made for chefs who consistently get messy. Most chefs will agree that constantly changing is pesky, especially during busy hours! Well, 4-way aprons provide a functional convenience of combating having to constantly change out uniforms. Four clean surfaces are available for use until finally needing to be changed.

Bib aprons

This type of chef uniform is commonly used by cooks and for good reason. Not only does this bib protect both the chest and waist area but it also has a variety of optional features like waterproof material, multiple pockets or even no pockets and so on. Most have front pockets for holding cooking tools and utensils.

Cobbler aprons

Cobbler aprons are very similar to bib aprons with some minor differences. The first difference is that there is a rear part covering the backside of the chef’s clothing. Secondly, the apron only reaches to the level of the waist. This could be inconvenient when dealing with soups and sauces that splash around.

Chefs in the Kitchen

Our world is full of a variety of different foods cooked by different chefs. For example, you can enjoy edible creations from a Thai chef, Teppanyaki chef, Italian chef and the list goes on. Even then, these kinds of kitchens have some common chefs in the ranks.

Sous chef

A sous chef job description should include the title of an unrecognized hero. This chef is the right hand-man, or woman, to the Chef de Cuisine. Some duties include planning menus, supervising, monitoring requests, liaison between kitchen and wait staff and more.

Line Cooks

chef jacketsLine, or Chef de Partie, cooks are cooking breed of their own. They are responsible for the actual cooking that can be divided into a number of sections. It is not uncommon for line cooks to have their own hierarchy. Titles can differ by expertise like rotisseur, saucier, and grillardin.

Executive chef

Also known as the Chef de Cuisine, this chef is the head honcho. His or her duty is not limited to ensuring dish quality, menu item portioning, staff management and being the jack of all trades in the kitchen. Ironically, this chef does not often cook.

How to Choose the Perfect Chef Apron

chef uniformsWhen choosing between the best chef aprons, take three important factors into consideration!


An apron is only as good as its use. Are vented cuffs necessary? Is it too big or small? Can cooking utensils fit in the pockets? The apron needs to be one hundred percent usable!


As previously discussed, there are multiple types of aprons that can serve different purposes. It is important for a chef to choose a style the meets their cooking needs.


It is hard to work if you do not feel like you look your best. Jacket materials should be easy to wash, resist color fading, easy to remove stains and more. Overall, the material needs to be low maintenance.

The best chefs in the world depend on their chef coats!


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