How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary the Right Way


After getting married, remembering anniversaries and celebrating them seems like a tough job to a lot of people – especially men. When you are married for a long time, things like anniversary celebrations just start to fade away and this is where things become blend. The occasion comes only ones a year – keeping it alive will ensure to retain the spice in your wedding. If you are actually experiencing that things are getting low between you and your spouse then anniversary is a perfect excuse to bring back all the joy.

Following are some of the tips that can actually make your spouse’s day, and seeing them happy will eventually make your day too.

  • Love Letters

Love letters are never out of fashion. Women specifically find love letters super romantic. If, for some reason, you forgot about the anniversary or could not manage a fancy dinner, a simple yet honest love letter can turn a disaster into happiness. Just make sure that the words you are pouring down on the piece of paper are meaningful.

  • Revive the Old Times

Taking your spouse to the place where you first met can literally lift up their moods to the max. Without letting them know, arrange some flowers and take them to the old place that makes you two nostalgic. Bringing back the old memories can actually be very amazing as you two would probably end up discussing all the great times you shared at this place.

  • Revisit Your Honeymoon Location

Whether you took your spouse to a fancy smanshy place in Italy or just toured with them around different states, taking them back to the places where you spent your honeymoon is best as a wedding anniversary gift. Make all the possible arrangements without telling them anything. In fact, do not even tell them until the pilot says the words during plane’s takeoff announcement.

  • Gift them What they Like

Living together makes it possible for us to understand what things our spouse likes the best and what are the things they are allergic to. Keeping their taste in mind, why not cook something that they have been craving for long? Or simply, order a dress that they have been longing to have? May be just get them flowers if they think them as the finest gesture from you. It is you who can rightly choose things to make them smile.

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