18 reasons why your business should switch to a hosted pbx

switch your business to a hosted pbx
The ways businesses offer support to their customers- have also undergone drastic
changes in the last decade. Telephony has been a widely used means of business
communication since a long time. However, evolution of technology has also
changed the way telephony is used.
Now a days, most companies are using cloud telephony services –casting aside age old landline telephony.Reasons your business should have a cloud telephony service in place
Instances of business giving up wired landline telephony in favor of Cloud PBX system are numerous.
These include businesses belonging to diverse sectors. From mid sized ventures to startups and MNCs operating in various countries have adopted cloud telephony solutions. Before you make the switch over for your venture, it is necessary you learn the benefits of doing so. Listed below are the major reasons to use VoIP service for your business.

1.Simplicity of installation and configuration

Most of the Cloud telephony solutions are easy to install and post installation getting things configured is also easy. You need not be a genius in IT technology to accomplish this. Most
such software have wizard based setup and additionally you get documentation for reference. It does not require a lot of time as well.

2.Extensive device and hardware support

Extensive device and hardware support
When you invest in VoIP solution,device compatibility is not likely to be an issue. The software can be used easily with a broad range of hardware and devices. They can run on both desktop and laptops.
Besides, mobile devices used for web access also support these apps nowadays. The same can be said about internet service and peripherals. In the companies adopting BYOD setup this can be quiet


Businesses that use VoIP services, enjoy a number of flexibility
compared to their peers that are still stuck with landline telephony! The
device and platform flexibility is there. Besides, these apps can be used from
anywhere with internet connections. So, the employees can occasionally work
from their homes.
This can be handy when a transport problem is there or when they have to cope with harsh weather conditions. So, the workflow is not disrupted owing to hiccups when VoIP is deployed.

4. Scalability

With time and growth of client base, scaling up operation
becomes a necessity in nay organization. With company growth, scaling up of
various operations also become a necessity. As far as scaling up exiting
telephony setup goes, VoIP should not give you any hiccup. It does not rely
much on wiring and hardware devices.

5.Clutter free, wireless setup

wireless setup

If you have a desire to make your offices devoid of wiring as far as possible, there are many ways to do so! You can surely opt for WiFi internet service at the workplace. However, switching to cloud telephony will also be prudent in this context.
6.Minimal maintenance and repair hassles
Unlike landline based telephony service, cloud telephony does not depend much on wiring.So, you need not bother about wiring getting damaged or affected owing to short circuit etc.The repair and maintenance is done by the VoIP vendor.

7.Good for startups with space crunch

A lot of small businesses or startups,operate from rented and shared work spaces. They have to deal with limited space and for these ventures, using cloud telephony makes sense-totally.They need not install wiring or buy many devices to use telephony.

8.Great call management features

Most of the new cloud telephony software applications have embedded extensive call management features. These apps have useful features such as call masking, call recording, forwarding and blocking, along with call conferencing. Businesses can gain by using such

9.Time saving

Time savingA significant benefit of using suitable cloud telephony software is time saving. Calls can be set to be redirected to specific numbers and conditional call forwarding is also possible. When the software is tweaked to handle different types of calls, the need for manual intervention by the employees reduces. This way productive time can be saved.

10.Boost in productivity

When automation features enabled in a VoIP application,it helps in giving a boost to overall productivity. The employees can focus on important tasks while basic and repetitive tasks are handed by the software.This results in less conflicts and errors. So productivity gets a boost.

11.Enhanced customer satisfaction

By using a suitable cloud telephony solution,the customer satisfaction level can be enhanced to an extent. When the cloud telephony service is used, managing and handling calls becomes simplified and well organized.
The IVR system can be used to handle rush of
additional callers and customized voice messages can also be utilized.

12.Cost effective solution

The running cost is a factor no business can ignore-irrespective of its size and sector. Operational cost reduction is easier with cloud telephony, more so for companies that have clients abroad. Making ISD calls using these VoIP services is way cheaper than typical wired telephones.

13.Software linking

Another notable advantage of using cloud telephony apps for businesses is that these apps can be linked with business productivity software easily. A lot of VoIP solutions for example can be integrated with customer database apps.

14.Mobile device support

Mobile device support 
The modern cloud telephony apps are compatible with mobile devices. The vendors make apps for their users who use Smart phone and tablets.
The mobile apps are quiet functional and they let employees work outside office hours or when they want to work from home.


The latest VoIP solutions have adequate security options. This is important as these apps are used and accessed by several employees in the company and the apps are often linked with in house software of the company. Password protection is there and some apps also have provisions like two factor authentication.

16.Video calling

Video calling
One important benefit of using VoIP services for businesses is video calling facility. It is something you can’t avail by using traditional wired telephony.
Nowadays, fast internet connectivity is quite cheap and by using state of the art VoIP solutions you can make HD video calls anytime. You can also engage in video conferencing using such services.
17.Feature enhancements
when you use void solutions, the software vendor rolls out updates from time to time. These bring in new features which can be useful for you.

18.Using numbers with flexibility

After deploying cloud telephony solutions in the company, you can use various types of numbers. You may retain existing numbers and also use toll free numbers. This helps the brand appear credible to the target buyers. In fact, you can also use foreign phone numbers and redirect them to local numbers, easily.

Summing it all up

There are many other reasons to use cloud telephony in business setups. It makes
your business more professional looking and credible to the clients. Eventually,
usage of such solutions helps boost brand image and bring in more revenues.


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