Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life


Smartphones are designed to perform numerous tasks seamlessly but the issue remains same with the device battery. Despite the fact, smartphone batteries have improved a lot when it comes to performance but they are not completely immune to some common problems. In this article, we have discussed ways to boost your Android phone’s battery life following some simple steps.

Optimize your device usage: To begin with, you need to keep tab on your device usage to avoid battery drain or other issues. Though smartphone devices are designed to multi-task but it causes negative effects on your battery health. If you prefer to play heavy-duty games or listening to music for long hours while doing surfing on mobile or watching movies & videos etc. for long hours then it will end up heating your device. Better take few breaks to relax your mind & body in addition to your device battery health. Further, don’t leave your device in sunlight for long as it could also cause overheating.

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Turn off Unnecessary Services: Your smartphone offers tons of useful features to help you perform your day-to-day task seamlessly. These features may include Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Sync and lot more. When these features are useful to perform certain tasks, but leaving them enabled all the time will end up draining your device battery. Prefer to enable such features only when needed to avoid battery drain.

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Stop Background Services: Background services is another reason that drains your device battery life. Here, lots of unnecessary apps & services run in the background to keep you updated with notifications and latest updates. While some of these notifications are useful to you remaining services run for no good reasons. Thus, it is advisable to disable all such services to boost your Android phone’s battery life. To disable background services, go to Settings > Applications and swipe right to find all apps & services running in the background (or go to enabled apps). Here, select the unnecessary ones and disable them.

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Disconnect from Network: Don’t leave this trick to be used only when your device battery is about to completely drain but make it a practice to disconnect from network for some time in a day. It will not only block notifications & updates for some time but it will also give you some spare time to do real-life things. Here, you will be able to do all other tasks including making & receiving calls, sending text messages etc. while staying away from unnecessary notifications coming from social media accounts etc.

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Disable Vibration: Vibration mode is useful addition to smartphone devices that helps you stay updated about calls or messages coming in when you are not able to listen to your device ringtone. It is also useful when in meetings but it consumes lot of battery power. Thus, you should prefer vibration mode only when it is necessary for you. Here, you can disable vibration for messages, haptic feedbacks, and incoming calls (for specified period of time as per your need) to avoid battery drain.

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Use Battery Saver Apps: This is a quick fix that offers abundant useful features to keep your device battery life intact. Here,

battery saver apps help you keep tab on battery draining functions and allows you to manage or disable them when needed. Using these apps, you can reduce your manual efforts as these apps work automatically to help you save your phone’s battery life.

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Charge Right: This is a crucial part of your device battery health. Here, you need to follow a proper regime to charge right your device. Let your device be completely drain sometimes or prefer to reboot your device to optimize your device battery. Here, don’t let your phone in charger whole night when it could be charged in few hours as overheating could cause battery damage. Further, don’t use your device to do intensive things like playing games etc. while in charge. This simple step will help you boost your phone’s battery life significantly.

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Conclusion: Android smartphones come handy with various useful utilities & features to help you optimize your device battery life. These built-in features not only help you keep tab on battery draining functions but also helps you reduce battery drain. Further, you can also use battery saver apps for instant and effective results.

Metadata: You can find various built-in features on your Android device to boost your phone’s battery life. Further, you can also use battery saver apps to save some battery juice effectively.



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