Best Water Filtration Systems Review In 2018

Water Filtration System

Do you know what is in the water that comes out of the tap? Depending on where you live, you may find fluorine, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, parasites, and more.

If you do not want to have them in your water, you have a couple of options: use only bottled water, which is expensive and harmful to the environment; or you can invest in an efficient and safe water filter.

If you boil water what happens is that you kill bacteria and viruses, in addition to that there is evaporation of water and the bodies of bacteria and viruses are now more concentrated, in addition there are thermophilic bacteria, meaning that you will be enjoying a good soup or dissolved bacteria broth in addition to toxic salts and metals that may be present.

A Definitive Guide To Choose The Best Water Filtration System

A good filtration and water purification system has to do that: process the heavy and unpleasant water from the tap in pure, light and potable water, which is safe for our health.

There is a wide range of water filtration systems on the market, but many of them are cheap options that cease to be effective in only a few tens of liters of use, or are not really what they claim to be. We have here a selection of the best Water Filtration System Review that guarantee the healthiest and most efficient alternatives to take care of everyone’s health at home. Let’s see:

1. APEC Water Filtration Systems

When it comes to removing impurities from your H2O. This filtration system eliminates 99 percent of contaminants such as arsenic, copper, lead and more in drinking water. It is a reverse osmosis system, water passes through the filter membrane to remove impurities.

Once the system is installed in the kitchen sink, there is no need to stock up on replacement filters immediately, since three of the five filters only need to be replaced every six months, and the other must be changed every two months or three years. The unit comes with a lead-free chrome tap for easy consumption.

The tap has two settings, one that opens the tap while you are pressing the button, ideal for filling the glass, and the other that provides a continuous stream of water until you turn it off, which is perfect for filling cooking pots or bottles of water. Unlike portable filter options, this unit does not require installation.

But as long as you have the space under your sink for the filters and the room in the sink for the extra faucet, the installation is relatively comfortable and takes about 30 minutes.

2. Wing sol Water Filtration System

This filter not only removes contaminants, but also adds some healthy minerals to the water. While the technology of the system guarantees fast and effective removal of iron and manganese from underground sources, with efficiencies of 97 to 100% in the removal of manganese and more than 96% in the removal of iron.

It also controls microorganisms. The minerals that it adds are calcium, magnesium and potassium. The filters should be changed after 200 gallons or 3 months of water has been filtered. Since it has a standard size housing, you can also use other types of filters.

It is easier to install than a unit under the sink, and does not need to be filled in like the pouring spout or jar units, but the tube is not particularly attractive and can interfere with normal sink use.

3. Aqua Sana Water Filtration System

The Aqua Sana Water Filtration System and purification system uses the electropositive attraction instead of a simple physical barrier.

The positively charged (+) fibers and a special coating attract negatively charged (-) contaminants like a magnet, trapping them and creating a permanent bond from which they cannot escape, so it has an extraordinary filtering capacity.

While the advanced technology of the Aqua Sana Water Filtration System offers high flow and nanosomic filtration. Most conventional filters limit the flow of water while they filter.


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