The 5 Best Places To Visit In India In The Month Of February


Ahoy there readers! Hope the beginning of this year has given your life a great kick start. Being a wander lusting travel writer, I would always be interesting to know what is happening in your ‘travel-lives’. So if you are also interested to share them with me then do not forget to comment your stories below and get the chance of them being posted here in this blog because every story and every experience of every single person matters. So I hope we all could connect somewhere with our stories but in this article, I am going to help you plan your trips if you are interested in February. As you can see India has got changing seasons with the cultures and colors changing accordingly. So February will be the month when the winter will start waiting for summer to come and this sweet relation of the seasons might make your trip to anywhere a special one! Here in this article, I am going to tell you about the best places to visit in India in February in a gist so that you have an idea as to where you can go and why. Let’s get started quickly without much delay then!

  1. NASIK:

Okay so I have decided to mention Nasik first because I am excited about the Sula Collection fest and the Vero Moda Spring collection which are pretty famous here. So if you are to go somewhere as a fashionista and as a social butterfly then this can be your place. Apart from this, we know that Nasik is a holy place to be at and so fill your heart with some holy worship here.


North-eastern beauty Agartala is a beautiful place with so many places to explore and visit. February is the month you should be planning to see this city because the temperature then changes and you will not like the unstable weather conditions then. Agartala was actually the home of Manikya kings and that is how you get to see some of the most famous architectural masterpieces like Nir Mahal, Ujjayanta Palace, and Kunjaban Palace. Jampui hills, Sepahijala and Gondacherra wildlife sanctuary add to the beauty of this place as nature lover’s heaven.


Traveling to Kashmir might not be an easy thing with the heated issues going on but then you can always try if you have the zeal and passion in you. I am sure every individual on this planet would like to see Kashmir at least once in their lifetime but only a few have the guts to come forward and face the unexpected hurdles before they savor in the beauty of this perishing land. I hope you try too. The snow-covered lands, the apple orchards, the boat-rides and the pashminas, everything calls you here with love.

  1. SHIMLA:

Ah! The place of lover’s point and the best place to impress your Valentine again and again! Valentine’s Day is going to be around the corner which means you can have a great time organizing and customizing

your plans as per your own accord. Spread love and relive those moments of your life in a different and special way here in this snow-layered lands where the Gulmohars bloom beautifully.

  1. AGRA

Taj Mahal! The symbol of love! One of the Seven Wonders of the World! The most beautiful epitome of love ever created for anyone is this! Visit Agra in the month of February when the fog is settling down slowly in the morning with the beautiful sunrise above the clean waters of the Yamuna River. You will love being here and your time will be totally worth it.

So these are the top 5 places that I would suggest you all to go and explore because they are some of the most beautiful places to visit in India in February which you shouldn’t be missing at all. Make the most of your time and plan out your holidays while will help you with your bookings of any sort of cheap air tickets to India. Be it business class flights or last-minute flights, Indian Eagle will be there to guide you through so that you enjoy your vacations peacefully. Do not forget to like this article and share it with everyone you know if you find it worthy enough. Stay in touch and keep traveling. Good luck.



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