3 Apps Every US Hospitals Should Be Using Today


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Do you know what changing the healthcare industry today? It is the robust applications that are making the healthcare industry to operate more error-free and efficiently. Yes, applications are also contributing to the healthcare sectors too. If you are still following the old method to operate your hospital you will be amazed to know about this software that will ease your task, make your operation faster and more efficient than ever before. In fact, these are the software every hospital should be using today. Here are those top 3 apps that every hospital should be using today. 

Healthcare CMMS – CMMS Application for Healthcare Sector 

A simple mistake can cause a huge dollar in the healthcare sector. A sudden break down of a machine can cause life. Healthcare CMMS is a CMMS application for hospital equipment maintenance. Using the Healthcare CMMS you can schedule work order, check all the details, get immediate notification when required. No matter how many hospitals you operate you can get all the maintenance information from one single location. The application comes with both the desktop and the mobile version and runs on the cloud. This means you can access your maintenance data from any part of the world no matter where you are staying. The most lucrative part of this application is, you can start using it from day one without taking any kind of IT hassle or deployment hassle. Isn’t it great! 

EMR Link – EMR Data Management Application 

Does EMR sounds too complex to you, does it sounds very complicated one to retrieve data when required. Then you need this portable solution called the EMR link. EMR link is an application for EMR data retrieval and patient identification. You need not check that complex EMR system for checking patient data rather you can check it from EMR Link within a second. The application comes with a mobile and desktop version which is pretty flexible to carry around. Moreover, EMR Link uses the most cutting-edge biometric technology in patient identification that reduces problems like patient data error, patient misidentification, identity theft, etc. In short, with this robust application managing EMR data will become so much easier for you, isn’t it? 


HIPAA Ready – HIPAA Compliance Management Application 

Have you ever feel distressed about meeting compliance? Isn’t it tough to be up to the mark to meet all the compliance rules? Now, with HIPAA Ready you can meet HIPAA compliance rules so easily. HIPAA Ready is the HIPAA compliance management application. This robust application will keep you up to date with the newly formed HIPAA compliance rules, keep you updated on training and give a handy checklist to all of your staff so that they can follow it every time. Which means, you need not memorize all the compliance rules every time, rather carrying around this application will help you to check whether you are on track or not. Like other applications mentioned above, you can use this application from day one. The application is highly customizable which can adapt to your growing hospitals’ need. 

So, these are the applications that will surely make your hospital operation efficient, effective and error-free. Should you be using them today or still stick to those age-old manual systems which are complex and time-consuming. You can, but you can’t compromise the patient’s life that can occur due to following a manual system. This is high time you should start using such cutting-edge applications in your hospitals. 

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Romero Nicholas Dean, Digital Marketing Analyst of CloudApper and blogger who loves to know and share the use, impact, and prospects of digital transformation.


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