Amazing Places To Visit With Your Kids This Summer

plan for summer vocation

Summer vacations will be starting soon, and your little ones will be getting restless. So, now is the time you make that much-awaited family trip happen.

As the blanket of heat engulfs most parts of the country, there are some places where you can hop onto with your kids.Travelling is fun especially when you’re on a trip with your young ones.

However, this is all the more reason to consider the travel insurance scheme for a comprehensive protection of your family from unforeseen mishaps.

Coming back to the amazing places you can visit with your kids, here are the top 4 you may seriously consider

1. Shimla (The idyllic setting on nature’s cradle)

Shimla (The idyllic setting on nature’s cradle)

Shimla is dubbed the ‘Queen of Hills’ for several reasons. It is an ideal getaway for your family. Enjoy a couple of days in nature’s lap to escape from the drudgery of a busy life back home.

However, Shimla is often crowded in summers, so book your hotels in advance. Furthermore, if you want to experience the toy train extravaganza, book the seats of Shimla-Kalka Joy Ride well in advance.

2. Pondicherry (For its serene beaches)

Pondicherry is a portal to transport you straight to the French Riviera. Its striking architecture, azure skies and the vibrant beach promenade will win you over. Pondicherry also has one of the most shimmering coastlines of the Eastern Ghats.

If your family wants to spend an idyllic time to beat the summer heat, Pondicherry offers the serenity and sanctity you need.

This South Indian hotspot is famed for its becalming weather and joyous people. Moreover, Pondicherry has all the ingredients to satisfy your gastronomic cravings.–g-Miss-Americana-g-.htm

3. Mt. Abu (For its misty slope and cool breeze)

Often dubbed as the ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan,’ Mt. Abu is an exotic hill station that clocks footfalls in the millions every year. This place has a magical vibe which puts any tourist into a lively mood. The misty slopes and the soothing breeze by the Nakki Lake is undoubtedly a feast of senses.

4. Darjeeling (For its lush green tea plantation)

Darjeeling is aptly known as the ‘Queen of Hills’. It’s terrific water, clear sky and lush green tea estates make it a must-visit the place this summer. If you crave for tea, Darjeeling is your obvious choice.

Holding the bygone British Era in its soul, the hill station is dotted with several cafes like Keventers and Glenary’s. Its bustling mall area is a melting pot of culture.

You can drop by the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo too. Housing the best visually stunning monasteries and a chance to see the majestic sunrise atop the Tiger Hill, Darjeeling is enthralling and breath-taking.

asking your kids along, you know you need to have all boxes checked for the safety of the family. Make sure you opt for a travel insurance policy online before you head off. Such policy can help you cover against numerous things which can go wrong.

For instance you can opt for the road trip insurance under Pocket Insurance category offered by Bajaj Finserv. With this cover, you can stay protected against a range of losses and get coverage for personal accidents or baggage loss while on the trip.

Vacations are enjoyable especially if you’re visiting with your kids. Nevertheless, the chances of losing or theft of personal belongings remain at large.

Therefore, buy the best travel insurance policy which would cover all personal accidents and any financial setbacks. Compare different policies available in India and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


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