Advancement in Gaming & Technology

  • Facial Recognition

3D scanning features and facial recognition is the latest addition in the world of gaming. With this, the person in the game can create its own avatar. And the avatar that will be created will not look like the fake copy, but it will be an exact copy of your real face.

The intel real sense 3D camera does this task beautifully. It captures the various facial expressions and captures the picture of the gamer. The picture includes every minute details of the face. The customized avatars of human face give the player the real life feels and an unmatched experience.

The facial recognition technology scans up to 78 different points of the face and then recreates the facial expressions that come up during different human emotions.

  • Speech and voice recognition

Now, you can control what you want to do while gaming with the power of your voice. You would not need any game controller handle to do so. Voice commands will help in controlling any kind of game.


Using the voice recognition technology, a gamer would not need to get off from his couch to turn off the console. Because when the voice command can do the job for you then what is the need to get up and disturb your rest.

  • Virtual Reality

You must have seen nowadays big brands offer VR -glasses with mobile phones and television sets? But, what are these VR glasses? It basically takes the player to a virtual gaming scene which sounds, looks and feels like nothing less than reality.

For example; if a gamer is playing a game on virtual reality then he/she would feel as if he/she is standing there. Some players who play games which involve sitting on an adventurous ride, fall at their place in real life.

  • Augmented Display

For this, you do not need a TV screen or a computer screen to play your game instead you can use even the floor of your room to play the games. These games work by overlaying a virtual display over the real one.

  • Graphics Resolutions

These have drastically changed and improved as compared to recent times.  There is this ultra 4K gaming resolution which can support up to 4000 pixels. These are high priced and cannot be easily afforded by the people.


With every advancement in gaming technology the prices plummet and give a gaming experience unlike before. The graphics outlive the definition of the 1080p resolution.

  • Gesture Control

Now players can use the gestures of their hands or the bodies to control their avatars. With the help of the 3D camera, every single thing can be managed.

  • Wearable Gaming

Companies nowadays use the latest technology such as Samsung’s gear watch.

  • Gaming on the go

You need not sit stuck in front of your TV or computer screens to play your favorite game. Certain games that you can play on your computer can be played on your mobile phones too.

All you need is the right app and the software support, and you are good to go. Availability of high-speed internet is also a must for you to play games on the run.

  • Multiplayer Games

With artificial intelligence, you get bigger and better challenges to face. You can make your friends a part of your game and fight them as your opponent or include them in your team to make progress further.

There are many games that can be played on the computer, mobile in single player mode or in multiplayer mode. Some awesome bunch of games that you can play for free is: Skullkid, Raft Wars, Territory War, Dad n Me, Notdoppler games, Super Mario Flash (Simply, all-time favorite!)

Games make our world simply a better place and the rapid development that is taking place in artificial intelligence, and our favorite games keep getting better and better!


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