To build a successful career in data science one must keep in mind three key points:-

  1. Identify the proper analytics course
  2. Learn and adapt the relevant Skills
  3. Identify the best data science institute.

Identify the proper analytics course

Data Scientist is one who knows statistics and mathematics and knows proper techniques to apply the relevant tools. She/he must be able to successfully test hypothesis and must be able to visualize data. One more prerequisite of being a data scientist is having more than average programming knowledge. All these necessities can be met by choosing a proper analytics course that helps one build up a strong CV as a data analyst. Proper selection, of course, is the need of the hour and one must not be lazy in deciding that.

Learn and adapt relevant Skills

Skills like R, SAS, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, and VBA are some of the major trending market needs in today’s world. According to a survey, expertise in R or Python or SAS can bag a fresher a pay of 6-7 LPA. Expertise in all the three can bag a much better pay. The pay scale is better than most of the pay package in other domains. Therefore one must be proficient in any one or more of the relevant technology. To add up to the skill set, good knowledge of Excel and Database seems preferable.

Identify the best Data Analytics Institute

Learning any of the above-mentioned skills are easy. But what differentiates a successful data scientist from others is the way the skills are learned and adopted. To remember a set of code is easy but to know and work out its application is the major hurdle. One can know in depth the technologies when one works in the industry relevant data and projects. In order to stand out in the crowd hands-on experience of the technology is important. Here is where Data Analytics Institute comes into play. These Institutes not only teach the relevant technologies but also provide relevant data to work on such that a beginner can be shaped into a proficient data scientist/analyst.

Watch an expert talk about How to shape up you analytics Career. Watch Here

Takeaway: – Students must be keen to take a planned step. College life is short lived; it shouldn’t be the case with your career.


One must be selective regarding the institute he/she chooses for the so. Advancement in technology has created an atmosphere where by one doesn’t need to shift away from home to get proficient. Ivy Professional School, Kolkata, a School of Data Science which not only provides training offline but also online. Ivy is not only the leading training institute in Data Science, but it is also the Official Learning Partner of 12+ large companies like Capgemini, Genpact, HSBC, Cognizant, ICRA, ITC Ltd, ITC Infotech etc. for their training needs. The courses are structured in such a pattern that one can learn without missing out other things. Moreover, the assessment and projects make sure that the student stands up in the market. As for college students, Ivy has the Summer Analytics Courses to utilize the Summer Training period and also it has regular weekend courses such that learning doesn’t become an obstruction to the college syllabi. Ivy has physical campuses in Bangalore, Delhi (NCR) Kolkata.


Data based jobs are not only the coolest jobs at present but are also the most sustainable job for the coming times. The pay scale it provides is exceptional as compared to other domains. Multinational Companies like HSBC, TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Amazon and Flipkart are few to name which has a high demand for good Data Analyst. It’s said “Better Today than tomorrow”. Going by the proverb one must better start thinking and working from today to build a better tomorrow.

A successful career has well-planned dream executed by inbuilt motivation and correct decisions.


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