7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Body Jewelry

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Let’s be honest, while we all are attempting hard to spare a penny everywhere, there are
unquestionably things that shouldn’t be made of low standard and cheap materials. One of the vital things is without doubt body jewelry.

While it might appear like everybody is moving their own rendition of the ideal captive or
barbell ring. That’s for sure that there is unquestionably a differentiation among quantity and quality with regards to picking the high-quality body jewelry by browsing the best body jewelry online shops. Keep in mind, there is a distinction between getting a great deal and purchasing body jewelry that truly enhances your body.

We have explained the top 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Body Jewelry. Let’s have an eye on them


Great looking jewelry is not always a right fit for piercing:

Generally, cheap body jewelry is not the perfect fit. While you might search for a barbell, ear piercing and more jewelry options, but they wouldn’t be the right one for you until you buy them from best body jewelry shop and made of best metals. Cheap body jewelry can cause fit issues and can create problems with rubbing on your pierced body part. So, you must go for the brand that you know well or in case you’re not sure about the popular body jewelry shop, connect with your piercer for buying high-quality jewelry.

Jewelry threads may be off:

The body jewelry threading is essential to keep the closures well maintained on barbells. In case your jewelry threading is off then, you may lose balls at the closures, which implies you will need to purchase substitution balls or another piece of body jewelry. So, keep a check on the durability of body jewelry quality before buying them.

Cheap body jewelry can cause skin irritation:

Cheap body jewelry is made of cheap metals & plastics which does not prove good for any body type. You might be noticed when a cheap ring marks different colors on your finger skin. And, you can imagine the same issue with your new piercing, if you will wear jewelry made of cheap material. Cheap metals are not medically approved and can cause skin irritation and also cause skin infection. So, before you buy body jewelry, make sure you read reviews of them whether that jewelry is going to cause any problem or not. And research well, especially if you are already facing skin problems.

Cheap Plated metal shine may vanish soon:

Cheap Plated metal jewelry may look appealing at first, but as time passes, the cheap plating will vanish away. The big issue with plated metal in piercings is that it will be fine at the beginning, but after a couple of months, your jewelry will look discolored or may cause irritation. And sometimes the cheap metals can lead to irritation or infection at new piercing as well.


Rise the risk of allergic problems:

As it’s been mentioned in the above reasons, cheap body jewelry can lead to infection on your skin, especially if you are experiencing piercing for the first time. So always remember before buying cheap body jewelry, the more the quality of jewelry will be bad, the more it will be harder for you to maintain the perfect balance between hygiene and piercings.

Cheap body jewelry is not purified:

Most of the cheap body jewelry that you will buy for piercing will not have been properly
sterilized before dispatching. If you still want to go to buy them, make sure you purify it with jewelry cleaner before you use them for piercing.

These jewelry don’t long last:

Just like the other cheap product you buy at the cheap price last for a longer period, cheap body jewelry does not long last as we expect. The steel and titanium body piercing jewelry from best body jewelry shop can last for several years. So, go for good research before investing huge money on body jewelry for piercing that lasts till your expectations.

If you know of any other stories of cheap piercing body jewelry, then do share
with us in the comments section below.


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