6 Tips on How to Fly a Drone for Beginners

How to Fly a Drone

Drones are becoming popular and fun objects to have in our daily routines. They are certainly entertaining and intriguing. Don’t feel left in the dark because you don’t know how to operate one. Is it holding you back from getting one? Don’t worry! Take a look at these six effective and ready to implement tips on how to fly a drone for beginners!

  1. Begin basic

As with anything, read the instructions first. They will provide more detailed information on how to operate the controls and properly fly your drone. The instructions are basically a written drone pilot training course for you. Also, ensure your drone battery is charged. Follow battery charging directions to ensure the product does not suffer damage.

  1. Learn controls

Flying a drone will require you to know the controls.

Left Stick

drone pilot trainingThe left stick is meant to control altitude and yaw, height in air and rotation.

  • Yaw – Repositioning without moving by fully rotating the drone via pushing the stick left or right.
  • Throttle – Changing the altitude by pushing the stick up or down, this function is needed at all times during operations.

Right Stick

The right stick controls roll and pitch; side, forward, and backward movements.

  • Roll – Moving the drone from side to side by pushing the stick left or right.
  • Pitch – Moving the drone backward or forward by pushing the stick up or down.
  1. Situational awareness

The best way to fly a drone is to look up for an area that is open and presents minimal obstructions that can damage your drone or cause it to crash. An open space also allows you to practice safe piloting, generally decreasing your chances of damaging property or hurting bystanders. Finally, a clear field or something similar will promote easily relocating your drone if it were to fall. Overall, you want to make sure that your flying area would not leave you liable for something, unable to reach your fallen drone, or find yourself with a damaged one.

  1. Follow procedures

Push the throttle down before switching the transmitter on and then connect the battery. Once flying activities are completed, disconnect the battery before turning off the transmitter. It is important!

  1. Practice

flying a droneBefore accomplishing big flying tricks, learn how to fly a drone by practicing with the control sticks. Perform one function at first and then start mixing together until you feel comfortable enough to maneuver around simple objects.

  1. Keep it nearby

Since you are just learning, don’t let your drone fly off into the distance. Keep the drone fairly near you in case if your brain stumps on control maneuvers or possibly fly the drone into a person or object out of sight.

Have Fun!

Drones are exciting and fun objects to entertain you with! However, they can be a responsibility with having to look over things like space, controls, practicing, following procedures and more. Following the six beginner tips will help you learn how to fly a drone in no time at all! So what are you still waiting for? Drone flying is fun and you better get one for yourself.


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