5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads


One of the first questions that every entrepreneur who is striving to fulfill their start-up success story happens to be “how to get more leads?”.

The advent of the World Wide Web has transformed almost the facet of our daily lifestyle and naturally marketing techniques today have to adopt the online platform in order to sustain and have the maximum outreach.

And in the online world, the website is the most essential business tool and each and every business puts it to use in a different way. While some use the website for generating the leads to augment the physical visits to the site and phone calls others use it for enhancing the instant revenues through e-commerce sales.

There are several ways to increase the leads and enhance the sales and revenues without investing in a complete redesign and rebuild. Here are some of the web design hacks that you should consider in order to boost sales for your online business.

Keep the CTAs or Call-to-Action Buttons Consistent and Ensure They Stand Out

CTAs must be noticeable, to-the-point and strategically placed. CTAs are one of the most important lead generation tools and so you must make the CTAs enticing and place it somewhere where people can see it as the top right quadrant of the webpage or the end of the content. You should also keep in mind the mobile design for CTA visibility.

Apart from that, you also have to make the CTAs stand out. Make sure that the all the CTAs on your website is of the same color. This way the users can locate the CTA easily. The message on the CTA should be to-the-point and simple. Don’t keep the visitors confused as to where they will land up. Also choosing an attention-seeking bright color can also induce the users to click it.

But make sure its use is limited in the rest of the website. This will direct the people in a more intuitive manner that will enhance the generation of leads.

Perform the Conversion Audit

Are you sure that your website is designed in a way to convert more traffic? The truth is that a lot of companies can claim that they create highly appealing websites. Hence performing a conversion audit can be quite commendable.

If you can identify the issues and correct them prior to launching the campaigns for marketing it can reduce the wasted advertising costs and offer a stronger base to start with.

Balance the White Space and Images

The imagery is quite impactful but if you add it at every section that will be overstimulating, and leads may leave because of that. Balancing the images with an effective white space usage is important in this case.

You can opt for icons instead of images to enhance the visual interest without the images. The addition of the simple interactive elements like animations is a great way to break up the information areas and keep the audience engaged.

Remember User Experience is Most Important

In order to create a lead-generating design, the user experience design is absolutely essential as it focusses on the people who are using the site. Everything starts and ends with the users. With your website, you are targeting a particular set of people who are your target audience.

There is hardly anyone who knows them better than you and your business. So consider their wants, needs and the questions that they are seeking answers for before designing a site. Once you ask these questions you will be able to build up a website around these answers.

Whether you will keep the tone of the language conversational or high-tech will also depend on these answers. When it comes to generating leads nothing can beat a greater user experience for sure.

Try to Go for an Exit Popup Offer

Driving the traffic to the website is not cheap. Even if you are not into pay-per-click traffic and paying for the visitor individually, the time and effort that it calls for assign a financial value to every single visitor who lands on the page.

Most of the visitors who leave never return and so you should use every available choice that you have. You should welcome even the slightest conversion enhancements. This can massively improve your overall ROI.

The above are some of the web design hacks as suggested by the experienced and learned professionals of a reputed company of web development in India who have been in the industry since many years now and know exactly what works and what doesn’t if you want to make it big online.


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