5 Things to Consider Before Finding Bees for Sale

bees for sale

Ever thought of managing a bee colony? If you have, there is plenty of information to know before a jump start. In this article you’ll learn how you can find cheap bees for sale and some effective buying tips within your budget.

  1. Have a good motive

Bees are a big responsibility and are important towards the environment. Their population is important since their numbers have been dwindling recently. Do not impulsively purchase them just because you saw an ad of honey bees for sale. Make sure your reasons for buying bees will help you take good care and responsibility for them.

  1. Make sure you have the right equipment

honey bees for saleA lot of work goes into taking care of bees. They need a safe place to live in. Enough space to allow the hive to comfortably work. Tools are needed for harvesting honey without destroying the hive and those handling the bees need to have protective gear. Also, the bees need to be fed. It is vital for the survival of the hive that all the necessary equipment is available and properly used.

  1. Know the difference between package and nucleus bees

Although you might see a lot of package bees for sale, you might want to know about your buying options before making a choice. For example, there are package and nucleus colony buying options.

buy honey beesPackage bees contain a queen, multiple workers, and a feeders that are some kind of sweet food. The queen needs to be introduced either indirectly or directly. Indirectly involves allowing the worker bees to eat through their food to the queen in order to slowly get introduced. Although this is the safest way to introduce the queen, it also takes the longest for producing honey. Directly means immediately releasing the queen. However, since the queen does not come from the same hive as the workers, she could potentially be attacked.

A nucleus purchase is convenient to those who want to buy honey bees. This is because a nucleus hive already has an established bee colony. This removes the requirement of introducing a queen. However, there are some disadvantages. A nucleus hive can have a poor stock of old bees. This will result in the production of weak bees. Special breeders do have queen bees for sale for a replacement but the queen bee will need to be introduced to the colony.

  1. Take a beekeeping class

beekeepers near meClasses are available for both new and seasoned beekeepers. Starting classes will teach you the basics of beekeeping and how to have a successful first year. Another class will teach how to keep a healthy hive long-term while another class can teach you how to take good care of winter colonies, introducing queens, queen rearing and more.

  1. Decide where to get bees

Some people naturally obtain bees for their colony by safely capturing swarms. Others order online or purchase them from local beekeepers. Usually, purchasing from beekeepers is the easier method and is as simple as looking up “beekeepers near me” on Google. Decide what is best for you!

Be Smart About Beekeeping!

Don’t just become a beekeeper because you happen to see bees for sale. Have a good reason for it and learn how to effectively manage a hive. Following these five tips can help get you started!


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