5 reasons why your startups needs a virtual phone system


Technological innovations have affected the way companies operate- all over the world and this is applicable for companies belonging to all segments- as it is. There is no denying for a majority of your brand’s customers- the website is the first interface. However, the importance of the phone has not gone down much.

While tech-savvy customers may prefer means like live chat and e-mail, telephonic support cannot be ruled out entirely. If you have a startup with expansion plans, offering telephone support to your customers is necessary. However, you should adopt virtual telephony instead of installing wired landline based phones in your business setup. It can fetch your venture numerous advantages.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony or virtual telephony is a digital communication system where phone calls are transmitted through the web. It relies less on hardware devices and more on internet connectivity and software solutions.

This can be deployed in various business setups and it can be used in homes too. It can be accessed through PC and mobile device. While free VoIP services do exist, for business needs the paid packages to come across as viable options.

Understanding why and how a startup can benefit from embracing virtual telephony

Deploying a suitable virtual phone system can be absolutely beneficial for a startup-regardless of its industry.  Using cloud telephony helps a growing company in saving running cost, enhancing productivity, streamlining sync between teams and developing a solid relationship with its customers.

Listed below are the reasons why using a VoIP system can be great for startups and small companies:

  • Promotes a wire-free, uncluttered setup- Nowadays, more companies are getting rid of wired working setup- across the world. This is not restricted to the corporate giants. Even your startup can benefit from a setup where the minimal amount of wiring is used. Opting for a wireless internet setup and deploying virtual telephony can make things so much easier to manage.
  • Simpler for relocation- Your small venture will not operate on a small scale forever- as it is. With the growth in business operations and expansion of client base, relocation will be necessary sometimes in the future. When you have landline based wired telephony installed, relocating it will be cumbersome for sure. However, with virtual telephony, the hassles are fewer and you can resume operations faster too.
  • Enables significant cost saving- Possibly, this is the biggest reason for thousands of startups adopting cloud telephony worldwide. Using cloud telephony to make and receive calls proves to be quite cost effective for any company. It is even more beneficial if your company deals with overseas customers. The VoIP call charges are pretty reasonable compared to traditional landline phone costs.
  • Makes your business look more credible, professional- You definitely want your startup to grow and want the customers to think of it as a credible entity. This is easier to achieve when your business has VoIP in place. When it is properly set up, virtual telephony makes call forwarding and routing easier. The customers can be attended anytime and they do not have to wait for a prolonged time. This makes them think positive about the brand.
  • Integrates with software and hardware setup- A VoIP solution can be configured to blend with existing hardware and software setup in an organization. It can be used in sync with existing landline phones and mobile phones- for example. It can also be linked to the company’s CRM database.


Other reasons for startups to deploy virtual telephony solutions

There are many other reasons for your small business set up to start using virtual telephony. These are:

  • If your company operates in overseas locations but does not have any office or physical presence there, using virtual telephony can be useful to impress customers abroad! For example, you can use overseas phone numbers and use VoIP solutions to redirect those numbers to a local phone number easily. The foreign customers and callers won’t even feel anything. This can be helpful when you want to spread business operations faster in overseas locations. It is also possible to use toll-free numbers with this setup.
  • Deploying a virtual telephony setup enables your company to manage calls in the best possible way. These software solutions also come with good scheduling and automation features. Using the software, call routing can be automated. This ensures the callers will be attended no matter when they call. Calls can be routed to mobile numbers as well. Call recording features are also there.
  • Sometimes, the numbers of callers may exceed the number of available phones. In such cases, they can be greeted with pre-recorded audio messages. This is far more professional than the users getting to hear line busy tone.
  • Sometimes, your company may need to communicate with customers or other companies and using landline telephone may not be possible. This can be the case when the recipient is in a location where landline telephony is weak or non-existent. There are remote locations where using wired telephony is hard. In such cases, using VoIP enables your brand to engage in video calls with the customers easily.
  • If your company has a setup where PCs and Mobile devices are used, using VoIP is better. Most virtual telephony service providers have mobile apps too. So, you can access the same service using laptops and mobile devices in the setup. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies are switching to a BYOD setup ad they can also benefit from switching to virtual telephony solutions.

Ensuring you choose the right VoIP solution for your startup

There is no doubt embracing a VoIP solution can bring your small company so any benefits, However, it is also important that you use the right virtual telephony solution for your venture. Several such solutions are available and you may get baled when choosing the software.

Listed below are some tips for you to buy the right virtual telephony software for your startup:

  • First of all, you have to figure out if the virtual telephony application you have picked for your venture is simple to set up as well as use. It should have a nice and uncluttered UI. The UI should also be customizable.
  • It is necessary to find out of the VoIP solution vendor offers good support-using multiple channels. This can be bliss when you find out the virtual telephony service has developed a snag. It is a major part of your customer support operations and so you need to get it back on track as soon as possible.
  • Before you buy any cloud telephony software, check out the type and amount of support documentation offered by the vendor. This is essential when you want to customize the software after the installation is done. Usually, most vendors offer online or printed documentation. However, a few may offer both versions.
  • Before investing in any virtual telephony solution for your company, you should try it out. Most virtual telephony software vendors allow you to try their products free of cost through the duration of a trial can vary. Of course, you can check out reviews of these software applications on the web prior to buying one.


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