5 Formal Dress Styles For Young Girls


During a little girl’s childhood years, dressing up is one of the most rewarding things you can do with her. She gets to satisfy her innate desire for all things fashion and you get to take some amazing snapshots to keep forever. She’s only a little kid once, after all, and it pays to make the best of those years.

There are so many children’s dresses out there. All of them look cute, but it can be difficult to know which ones will suit a little girl, especially if you’re shopping online and can’t try them on in person. As a general guideline, you’ll want to look for something that stands out while highlighting the unique innocence of her youth. Next time you find yourself looking for a formal dress for your child, consider starting with these special looks I’ve compiled here!

Dance-Ready Tutu Dress

For little girls up to ten years of age, a dress with a poofy tutu skirt can feel like a dream come true. Ideal for school parties, family parties, and dance recitals, a tutu dress can help a little girl get into the right mood for dancing and celebrating. You can shop specifically for a tutu dress or skirt, or you can recycle a dance tutu. If your little girl likes to mix-and-match, let her try pairing a tutu skirt with her favorite top.

A traditional Cinderella-like dress isn’t the only way to make your little girl feel like royalty. A voluminous fairy-like tutu skirt is another great way to let her show off the princess inside.


Comfy A-Line Dress

A lot of kids’ formal dresses will have a bow at the waist. That’s an adorable design, but your little girl may prefer a swinging, less restricting feel. For semi-formal occasions such as church events or school parties, we highly recommend dressing your child in an A-line dress that looks dazzling but also allows a wide range of movement. You can pick a cotton or lace design for a subtle look or a sequin dress for a more glamorous look.

Glamorous Flower Girl Dress

Fancy dresses with plenty of bows, lace, and tulle aren’t just for flower girls. They’re also ideal for all of your little girl’s biggest events including birthdays, First Communion, Christmas parties, and talent shows. A formal flower girl dress is one of the pricier options on this list, but there’s a good chance your child will need to wear one at some point. When that happens, go for a versatile color and style so she can wear it again to another event.

Chic High-Low Dress

Lots of little girls like to dress up like their mommies and big sisters. The good news is that lots of grown-up styles DO have adorable children’s versions! The high-low dress is one of them. With a skirt that’s knee-length in the front and ankle-length in the back, this dress style is very memorable because it’s untraditional. It also happens to be very dance-friendly. Select a high-low dress for school parties, wedding parties, or anything else where some swaying is expected!

Precious Off-The-Shoulder Dress

This one’s another style that takes its inspiration from looks that grown-ups love. Off-the-shoulder dresses look adorable on little girls, who may appreciate wearing something that feels a little different from her everyday clothing. It gives off chic royalty vibes that are great for super formal occasions such as weddings. Children transitioning into their teenage years may especially enjoy the trendiness of this style. Consider choosing it for your pre-teen to wear to social events such as school dances and birthday parties.

Perfect Dress = Perfect Night!

In many ways, the right outfit forms the foundation for success. Don’t forget that this can apply to children as well! Good luck and I hope you find something you both love.

Author Bio:

Tess is a fashion writer and content strategist. She specializes in collaborative branding efforts with up-and-coming designers and fashion companies.


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