5 Exciting New Auto Electric Technologies for You

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For many years, drivers have been enjoying the conveniences of auto electric technology. Are you curious about these new innovations? Take a look at some present and emerging examples!

5 Auto Electric Innovations Changing Life Style

  1. Singapore’s driverless taxis

electric car conversion kitA start-up company, nuTonomy, recently presented Singapore with an all electric, driverless taxi. Although tests are still being conducted, it is expected that this driverless taxi fleet will be up and running by next year. All we would need to do is use a smartphone application to input a pickup location and destination for the taxi. From there, a taxi will pick you and drop off based on the coordinates that you inputted in the application. So far, the service is in Singapore but it can be reasonably assumed that upon successful conduction, the company will begin to branch out.

  1. Biometric vehicle access

The next emerging auto electric technology is biometric access. If you thought keyless vehicle entry was impressive, wait till you experience biometric entry! This technology involves using a biological marker that is unique to you to get into your car. The marker will be your fingerprint, like how smartphones use fingerprints for access. With a fingerprint entry requirement, you will not have to worry about losing your car keys and the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen will decrease.

  1. Street legal electric carts

electric cartStreet legal electric carts are becoming an increasingly popular new form of transportation. They can look like a typical electric cart you may see on a golf course or have a car-like flare. As intriguing as the vehicles seem, you cannot go down the freeway in one. There are regulations imposed for driving an electric cart. Generally, drivers need to have some kind of license and can only drive down roads that limit no more than 35 miles per hour.

  1. Electric car conversion kits

Are you tired of having transportation that depends on gas as fuel? You can change the way you drive with an auto electric technology called an electric car conversion kit. These kits give you the chance to convert your car from gasoline to renewably fueled electric car. There are a variety of kits that can pertain to your vehicle type, like what kind of EV motor and additional features you want in the kit, and where you are located. If you have been thinking about buying an electric car but do not have big spending pockets, electric car conversion kits may be a more feasible alternative.

  1. Electric override systems

ev motorsNewer car models have been advertising electric override systems. The override systems are usually compiled into an optional advanced safety package. This is because the override systems can include automatic braking, lane merging and keeping assistance, collision warning and more. With these electric technologies, you will not have to rely on your own senses for performing standard driving activities. Instead, the technology will do the work for you, ensuring optimal safety. This is very helpful since drivers are becoming increasingly distracted with phones while driving.

An Electrical Future!

We have a bright outlook for the present and future of auto electric technology. Every technology aids to provide safety, comfort, and security for you!


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