5 Essential Tips to Keep In Mind While Accessorizing Your Saree


Sarees are the most attractive common Indian wear. It has taken the whole world by the storm, and now globally many people are experimenting with saree.

You can choose saree for party wear or office wear; it has become a priority for many women and many styles have been adapted to drape a saree. Although, it is considered a perfect piece of attire in our culture, accessorizing it will enhance your looks.

Women with small height should opt for sarees with borders as it will make them look taller, and women with dark tone should wear light color saree to enhance their skin tone. Light skin people will look gorgeous in dark color saree.

Choosing the right dress for your traditional dress has never been easy. Sometimes, either you are overdressed or appear unappealing by choosing the wrong piece of jewellery.

This should not happen to anyone as it is perfect attire; so follow the below-mentioned tips and shine in the saree, just like your favourite diva.

1. Examine your saree

Sarees come in all colours and one should look for the kind of accessories, that’ll match up the saree. Not all accessories will go with the saree on all occasions; so, you should wisely choose your statement earrings of neck pieces. Firstly figure out the kind of occasion and chose the required saree for you. If it’s a traditional occasion, then opt for heavy saree and traditional earrings and necklaces. For a casual party or occasion, choose light jewelry.

2. Statement jewelry

Styling your saree with the statement jewelry is a huge trend and gives you an urban, chic edge. Heavy jhumkas, long earrings, antique jewelry, or a statement necklace will give you a very traditional look. However, avoid earrings with a huge necklace or vice versa. This will not drive the focus and won’t make you look heavy. Remember to match your jewelry with your saree.

If you are wondering, “Who buys jewelry near me?” Then go to the near jewelry store or contact online and you can sell or buy the pieces. This will make you buy antique pieces in exchange for another one.

3. Bindis

Before choosing the right bindi, examine the shape of your face, and select the perfect to rock with your beautiful saree. People with round or square face should choose bindis with some length. Long face people can wear round bindis; you can also opt for decorative motif for parties and can opt for round or oval for everyday use.

4. Handbags

These are the most popular piece of accessory used by women. They help you carry a lot of useful stuff like money, phone or essential products. Make sure you don’t carry too much of stuff as it can become clumsy. For office wear saree, opt for simple purse or a leather bag. For party wear, choose embroidered handbags.

5. Footwear

Footwear deserves maximum attention when it comes to wearing sarees. You should avoid wedges, casual platform heels, ballerina flats or flip flops with sarees, as they ruin your overall look. Instead opt for stilettos and peep-toes heels, which will enhance your attire and make you look slimmer and taller.


Apart from these, there are other accessories, like – maang tikkas, bracelets, bangles, waist chains; many options are available to accessorize with saree. Make sure not to over-do with, as it will make you look like a person who has enough jewelry and don’t know how to use them. Stay in limelight using the light piece of accessory.



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