4 Things You Should Know About Efficient Teachers


Teachers are truly said as the building blocks of the nation, they contribute a lot in student’s successes and achievements. Good teachers and good friends are blessings of God which must be given respect and reverence. A nation cannot excel unless it has been efficiently educated and education not only refers to memorization of concepts but it tackles different things simultaneously. Efficient teachers reproduce efficient students which are responsible citizens and possess a love for humanity.

1. Smooth Student/Teacher Communication

Efficient teachers are not biased neither they fear to answer difficult questions from students. Their personalities are best for the noble profession of teaching. They know the importance of smooth communication between a teacher and a student. They encourage questions from students and answer all their queries in a polite way. Students are also relaxed and actively listen to their teachers and take keen interest in studies as well. On the other hand, the teachers which are not efficient are always harsh with their students because they fear that students would ask difficult questions which they wouldn’t be able to answer.

2. Efficient Teachers Motivate and Encourage

An efficient teacher is aware of the benefits of motivation and encouragement. They pay equal attention to all the students of their class. Their aim is to make each student efficient and try hard to reach the students’ mental level in order to understand their problem in detail. They pay more attention to weak students so that they can also cope with the pace of the classroom. They are quite adept at dealing weak students and eventually, their dedication and professionalism are answered when weak students show progress. They motivate and encourage all the students irrespective of the level of improvement. They know the power of motivation and encouragement in boosting the self-confidence of weak students.

3. Efficient Teachers Instil Character Building

Efficient teachers are aware that their duty is not just limited to delivering lectures but they play an active role in character building of students. They teach moral values and virtues by actions and their students follow their traits. Efficient teachers enhance patriotism and fraternity among students. They disparage racial attitudes and teach humane values to their students. They have the convincing power and influential personality that’s why their students implement these things in their practical lives as well.

4. Maintain Portfolios of Each Student

Efficient teachers maintain portfolios of their students, they note down the weaknesses and strengths of each student. They work hard to minimise the weak areas of their students by replacing them with more appropriate behaviours. Their students also show improvements and step forward to become more appropriate human beings.

These are some of the elements of effective learning which is dependent on efficient teachers. Efficient teachers are dynamic and their goals are not limited to just educating the students but they target to modify the personality of each student in a proper way. Thus, it can be said there is a strong nexus between efficient teaching and efficient learning.

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This article has been written by Bella Liam, an Associate Professor, a Designer and a writer at cheap essay help who mostly covers topics related to education and its relationship with teaching styles. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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