3 Tips for Choosing the right Bark Collars for your pets?


Doesn’t your doggy get tired of barking? Do you always have a concern that somebody from your guest or nearby resident will come soon and prosecute about your doggy’s sounding barking?  If yes, then you surely require an anti-bark collar for your pup and it is the ideal solution for your problem. But finding right collar for your doggy is quite difficult. Especially if it is your first time. I am sure you will find your solution in this article. Read till the end.

Generally, you need to choose collar from three different categories, Citronella, shock and Ultrasonic collar ,SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425 Training Collar.


Let’s talk about Citronella bark collar. This type of collar named for its ingredient Citronella which is the major elements of perfume. When the dog tries to bark this element is sprayed and the funny thing is dog hate this scent. The more he barks the more the collar spray Citronella. The dog stops barking to get tired of being sprayed repeatedly.

Electric Static Collar:

Unlike the citronella bark collar, the electric static collar has the technology that sends electric signal instead of spray. Actually, it sends a very gentle shock to your doggy’s back side of the neck. So it does not heart your doggy. Moreover, there has a facility of leveling the shock. When the dog barks for the first time the collar send very low shock. If the dog barks again within 30 seconds the collar increase the shock into the 2nd level. In the same way, it has 6 level which is very effective to stop your doggy’s continues barking.

Ultrasonic collar:

This type of collar is similar to the Eclectic static collar. But instead of shock, it sends ultrasonic wave which is only audible to the dog not human. Because the wave’s frequency is too low to hear for a human. It is only heard by the dog. So when the dog barks the collar sends waves and the dog hate those waves. That he stops barking.

Ok, you have known the types of the anti-bark collar. Maybe one question comes to your mind that is it safe to use for a dog? Right?

It is completely safe for your dog. Now, I will show you the benefits of using those collars

Generally, dogs bark for various reasons. For instance for protection of his territory, Alarm/Fear of something, .for boredom/loneliness, for greeting/play: for attention seeking, or for separation anxiety. So it is not easy for you to stop his barking, especially when you are not at home. You need to train them for sure. But train a dog is a time-consuming matter. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to train your dog not to bark, then you need to hire a trainer which is very expensive. Say, you avoid all those issues, but when your trainer will train your dog you have to be rude some time to your beloved doggy. So you see, there are many problems you will face for your doggy’s barking.

Sometimes, a dog can bark for some external factors like the environment of your residence or the age of the dog or even in breeding time. So consider the external factors before choosing any collar. And don’t forget to compare prices given in online. With all those considerations, I hope you will choose the perfect collar for your dog.


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