10 Easy DIY skin care tips


Skincare can actually be quite simple. You need not have to buy one branded product after another or an entire range of products from a brand to ensure a healthy skin. Sometimes they may even be the reason behind this story about skin care that results in a highly depleted skin that is dry and rough. But you can change the story around if you rely on natural skin care remedies and choose to use the DIY solutions that suits your skin type and problem.

The natural DIY skincare solutions

The all natural gentle cleanser

The cleanser is very important to gently remove the dirt and dust from your skin and make it look fresh. Preparation of a cleanser using just two common ingredients like sugar and olive oil can do a world of good.

The preparation involves mixing up two portions of sugar and one portion of olive oil. The mixture has to be gently massaged onto the face and has to be removed using a warm damp cloth. The humectant property of the sugar will help in binding the moisture to the skin while the granules act as exfoliants. Olive oil produces a moisturizing effect.

The acne treatment

The natural DIY remedy to treat acne includes the use of two drops of thyme oil with one teaspoon of olive/jojoba/grape oil and two teaspoons of baking soda. This home remedy is supposed to be applied sparingly on the blemishes. You can wash it off after leaving it on for 10 mins.

Strawberry scrub

A scrub made of blending two ripe strawberries and two tablespoons of oats powder is a fine scrub, that can be used safely even on sensitive skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of oats and the vitamin C in strawberry, as well as its exfoliating properties, helps you have a radiant skin.

Avocado moisturizer

The monounsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid present in large quantities in Avocado contributes to repairing and hydrating the skin. It is also great for your overall health. You just have to massage the cold-pressed avocado oil to get your skin looking radiant and nourished. It is an excellent moisturizer even for oily skin.

Restorative Rose milk

A rose milk bath made out of half a cup of rose water and half a cup of coconut milk used for bathing or in your bathtub could serve to hydrate your skin and relax your mind. It is a rich soothing bath.

Honey facial mask for tightening the skin

This easy to make a mask of honey and Greek yogurt can slow aging, tighten pores, brighten skin and hydrate the skin through its soothing effect.

Apple mask for anti-aging

Apple face mask is a mixture of applesauce and wheat germ oil in equal proportions. The vitamins in the apple generate cell production in the skin and the wheat germ oil fights against the free radical formation.

Oatmeal scrub

It is an excellent exfoliating scrub. The other ingredients used include coconut oil, grape seed oil,and chamomile tea bags. This mixture exfoliates the skin and at the same time hydrates the dry areas than any other scrub.

Aloe Vera cucumber and lime mask

This mask is made by blending aloe vera, cucumber and lemon juice in a blender. The aloe vera and cucumber produce a cooling effect while the lemon brightens up the dull skin.

Green tea spray

The spray is an effective way to brighten up your skin.  A spray made of brewed green tea and chamomile acts as an excellent toner.

Brighten up your skin with these simple DIY skin care products and slow the aging process naturally.



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